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Act - don't react!

Controlling is an essential component of modern management. Companies who wish to survive in today's market, have to be faster, better and in many cases and offer services at a more favorable rate than the competition.

Controlling is more than just preparing decisions on the basis of numbers, data and facts. Controllers act as guides through the information labyrinth. Controllers must be able to correctly interpret business indicators – and to recognize trends and developments early and accurately. Furthermore the controller must realistically assess the market, and he must be prepared to present suitable solutions and measures at the appropriate time, so that management can act.

Both in operative and strategic controlling it is extremely important to observe both sides prudently and to act in a measured manner.

It is unfortunate that the trade literature predominately addresses cost reduction, cost control, revision and controlling. Consequently companies place too great a focus on the areas of costs and data preparation. The sales, distribution and revenue side of the equation is often neglected in the process.

Our experience has taught us, that other alternatives exist, namely the targeted promotion of positive contributory factors.

If sales and revenues increase and the commanders of sales have put your organization in an advantageous position, and the remaining team contributes its part; if the employees are to become more productive or clients consume more, the controller must identify the driving factors for this and use the most favorable moment, to promote exactly these identified elements.

In business, it is exactly these opportunities that often remain hidden, because they are often overlooked.

We help you to recognize both sides and not to loose sight of these elements, in order to prepare yourself and others to trim the sails in heavy winds.

We advise you in the conception and implementation of value oriented controlling methods and support you in the implementation of suitable controlling systems.